12th August 2015

Net.Belote 2.1 is out.

- Corrected problem with declarations evaluations.
- Classic Belote distribution type is back to 3/2/3.
Bug fixes.

18th July 2015

Version 2.0 is out!

- Improved Gfx
- Added parameters into 'Rules' menu now permitting others variants.
- New virtual keyboard
- Bug fixes.

Some screenshots below:

11th March 2015

Net.Belote 1.7.2 is out.

- Corrected problems with multi-player mode.
- Fixed bug with game speed parameter.
- New algo is used when dealing cards.
- Bug fixes.

30th December 2014

Net.Belote 1.7 is out.

- Mac OSX version is now available!
 - Corrected problems with multi-player mode.
- Fixed buggy declarations parameters.
- Added save game option. (disk icon)
- Added system icons into lobby and ranking.
- Bug fixes.

3rd December 2014

Net.Belote 1.6 is out.

 - Improved multi-player mode.
- Options declarations (settings)
- Added Language options.
- Bug fixes.

2nd September 2014

Net.Belote 1.5 is available

 - Online ranking system.
- Less ads for Mobile versions.
Bug fixes.

3rd June 2014

Net.Belote 1.4 is  out

 - Added a menu while connecting to server.
- Keyboard is available when entering nickname (PC).
- Ads can be removed easily (2 clicks : 1 top , 1 bottom).
- 'Back' key implemented (Android) as 'ESC' (PC)
-Bug fixes.

19th March 2014

Net.Belote 1.3 is  out
Added chat into lobby
Optimised memory resources
Recduced latency when a problem occurs with server..


10th March 2014


Net.Belote 1.1 is  available
with multi-player support!.


6th February 2014


Net.Belote is out for IOS and Gnu/Linux
(and soon available through Ubuntu Software Center).

26th January 2014


Net.Belote is out for Android.


23rd January 2014

Website created!



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